Strategic, planned communication cannot be rigid

It may sound like an oxymoron if I were to say, “Planned communication must also be unplanned.” But as PR professionals, this is pretty much a given. Yes, our job is to be laser-focused on strategic planning and preparing for the most optimal communication-related..

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Monitoring Recovery | Indicators to Watch and Metrics that Matter

July 31, 2020 - To build an understanding of current labor market trends and conditions that are impacting the Memphis Metro area, the Chamber will release an update to our economic recovery in two-week intervals. With the release of the June 2020 unemployment numbers..

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Free Skills Match Tool to Find New Job Opportunities

Welcome to Skills Match

SkillsMatch is a powerful way to explore personalized recommendations for work, based on the skills that you have and the skills that you want to learn. Leveraging the in-demand skills across job categories can help make you more competitive and..

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