The Epic Decision: Its Meaning and Workplace Repercussions

In late May 2018, the U.S. Supreme Court handed down its decision in Epic Systems Corporation v. Lewis, which actually covered three (3) cases presenting the same basic issue: whether employment arbitration agreements that contain class or collective action waivers..

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Supreme Court Validation to Class-Action Waivers

On May 21, the Supreme Court decided 5 to 4 that there is no violation of the National Labor Relations Act when an employer requires an employee to sign a waiver of class actions in workplace arbitration agreements. The Court held that these individual agreements are..

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Three Questions to Ask When Hiring Seasonal Workers

For employers, the term “seasonal employee” can be relative, depending on the goods and services a business offers and/or its geographic location. Regardless, hiring seasonal workers can present some significant legal landmines for unsuspecting employers. To avoid..

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