Alex Teague went directly into the construction industry after attending Howard Payne University.  He has spent more than 30 years in the industry and now serves as Division Vice President for Yates Construction. He has built over six million square feet for Yates with more than $1 billion in projects.

Alex takes full executive responsibility for the operations and management of the Memphis division of Yates Construction. In his current role, Alex is focused on ensuring that the project team has the resources needed to deliver a quality project. He is intimately involved in every project phase, from preconstruction, to construction, and through the warranty phase. This executive oversight gives our clients the reassurance that all factors of the project - goals, budget, buy out, production schedule, safety, and quality - are reviewed, monitored and measured at the executive level.

Alex has experience in solutions to maximize resources and eliminate waste without sacrificing quality. Alex’s management experience includes estimating, scheduling, value engineering, cost control, strategic planning, set priorities and assigned tasks to engineers, project managers, site supervisors, safety managers, subcontractors, and support personnel. He has strong organizational and computer skills, which aid him in his approach to teamwork and cooperation.

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