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We are happy to celebrate with High Point Climbing and Fitness their new location in Memphis at 21 N. Humphreys Blvd. (next to Christian Brothers High School)

Why Memphis? Why this location?

Climbing gyms thrive when they have the support of a great community. It is abundantly clear that Memphis has one of the most creative and vibrant communities in the south and being a part of that played a huge role in choosing this as High Point’s next location.

What does your business do or provide?

We provide world-class climbing and fitness facilities to climbers of all abilities! Rock climbing is one the fastest growing sports in the world and we strive to offer the very best experience to all of our members and guests. It doesn’t matter if you are brand new to the sport or a pro level climber, you’ll feel right at home at High Point!

What are some key things that allowed your business to grow?

The culture that surrounds the sport of rock climbing may be one of the largest factors that allowed our business to grow. Over the years rock climbing has cultivated a world wide community that welcomes newcomers and encourages goals and pushing one’s boundaries while maintaining a light and positive attitude. This, paired with the fact that climbing is a great way to stay fit, produces a powerful combination to benefit your mental and physical health.

Who is your target market?

We love this question. Mainly because we really don’t have a target market! Because there are so many levels to the sport, there is no specific definition of who can and who can’t rock climb. We have young children, racing each other up the walls in the Kid Zone, all the way to members in their seventies that come in and crush two or three times a week. That’s why, no matter your age or skill level, we encourage everyone to just come try climbing!


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