Here at the Greater Memphis Chamber we love to celebrate business growth and development! There's nothing like standing beside you as you open the doors to your new business or reveal your new expansion. That's why we offer our members our expertise and assistance with hosting grand opening and expansion ceremonies. Thank you to our Ribbon Cuttings sponsor, Paragon Bank for helping us support local businesses like you.

Hope Credit Union

Today, we are happy to be celebrating member HOPE Credit Union on their new location in Crosstown Concourse.

Why Memphis? Why this location?

Memphis has a high percentage of people who are either unbanked or underbanked, and HOPE’s mission is to provide them with access to affordable, responsible financial products and services. Crosstown is a dynamic facility that is focused on building a stronger community and providing services to residents who could benefit from HOPE.

What does your business do?

HOPE is a community development credit union. HOPE works like other credit unions, but has an additional focus on low- and moderate-income areas.  We provide deposit accounts, financial management tools, credit counseling services, and affordable loans for personal needs, vehicles, mortgages, and businesses.

What makes your business stand out?

While HOPE can meet the financial needs of any local resident, we place special emphasis on member-owners who may not have access to traditional banking services.  We work to give people the tools they need to build a brighter financial future, helping them with low-cost accounts and loans and giving them the financial education they may need to make the most of their resources.

Why did you join the Chamber?

We know that Chamber members always want to make Memphis better, creating a stronger economy and opportunities for the city’s residents.  Being a part of the Chamber helps us connect to people who can help us connect their employees and communities where HOPE could make a real difference.  We work with lots of businesses across the Deep South to provide resources, education, and financial services to their employees because it helps stabilize their workforce and becomes an added-value item they can offer to employees.