Here at the Greater Memphis Chamber we love to celebrate business growth and development! There's nothing like standing beside you as you open the doors to your new business or reveal your new expansion. That's why we offer our members our expertise and assistance with hosting grand opening and expansion ceremonies. Thank you to our Ribbon Cuttings sponsor - Paragon Bank - for helping us support local businesses like you.

Today, we are happy to be celebrating member Holiday Inn Express - Elvis Presley Boulevard at their new location in Whitehaven!

Holiday Inn | Elvis Presley Boulevard

Why Memphis? Why this location?

We are Memphians. This is home for us. We want to invest back into our community. We love the diversity, the culture, the premier medical research, the arts and entertainment.

What does your business do or provide?

We are a limited service hotel, providing accommodations with amenities including complimentary hot breakfast, wifi, parking and airport shuttle.

What makes your business stand out?

We went above standard requirements to add addition Amenities such as our signature “City of Blues” guitar shaped pool. We are located just .5 miles down from Elvis Presley’s Graceland providing the first new branded hotel in the area. We are so excited to be a part of the redevelopment of the Memphis Airport/Graceland area. We know the importance of the revitalization efforts of our city and want to do our part.

Why did you join the Chamber?

We know that the Memphis Chamber is an invaluable business partner in the hospitality industry. If affords us opportunities to serve our city in a greater way through the Ambassador programs as well as networking opportunities to promote our business. We hope to be highly involved in the cities economic development programs.

What advice would you offer someone looking to start their own business? 

All great things start with a dream, a desire. Look for those desires of your heart and form that into an idea of something you can be passionate about. If you do what you love the money will come to do it. Get your ideas on paper and then form your business plan. Spend time with that vision daily. Seek out partners who are interested in helping bring the vision into reality. Look for people who have skills sets that you are not gifted in and partner up with them as close allies to help bring to pass the model you have for your new business. Seek sound financial guidance to gain the capital to build the business and lastly roll up your sleeves and go to work. You have to work harder for yourself than you do for others. The going gets tough right before the vision comes into reality so dig in your heels and just don’t quit.

What was your motivation for opening your own business? 

We come from a family of entrepreneurs. For a short time I worked for others, but for most of our lives now, we have been growing businesses across the country. We have helped others grow their visions as well and partnered with some to help make that happen. We know that it is all about the relationships you make along the way.

What are some key things that allowed your business to grow?

Having a sound business model and plan of action. Making room on our business to bring on board talented individuals who could learn and grow with our company. We value our partners and know that we will never do alone what we can do with other people participating in that growth and bringing to the table the skills sets we need to further our progress.

What is your target market?

Our target market is the local businesses having travel coming into the city. We are a huge distribution city with many corporate headquarters producing a large volume of room nights. We chose a location to speak to those needs. Our efforts are to be a large part of the redevelopment out near the airport as well as other areas of the city.

Who in the business world inspires you?

We are enamored with Memphis’s own Fred Smith. He is an example of the grit it takes to have a vision and go to any length to see it through. His business acumen is inspiring.

What’s the best thing about owning your own business?

We love the creativity. It tapes into the core of who we are meant to be. The freedom and flexibility are a bonus. Even the hard work is okay when you are doing what you were meant to do. You really have no line drawn between work and play.

What are the reasons for this new location? How does this affect your organization’s mission or vision for the future?

We are expanding our portfolio with this new Holiday Inn Express & Suites. We have started our own management company with this one as well. This has pushed us through the grit and grind stage of work for sure, but seeing it open so well and as strong makes the months of planning and hard work worth every second of it. Our future has several more hotels in the pipeline here and in other states, but we are well thought out in our growth and are excited for our future.