Creating Content

One of the questions we get most often from clients and prospects is, “Why should we have a blog?” The answer is multifaceted, but it comes down to this - you have ideas and advice that are helpful to many people, so why not share it?

As newsrooms shrink and consumers become more accessible, businesses are presented with unique opportunities to generate content that moves the needle. This process is called “content marketing,” and you’ve likely seen examples of it without even realizing it.

Here’s how it works. You’re a small manufacturer of cooking supplies. You’ve created a cookie scoop that makes the perfect size chocolate chip cookies. Instead of spending thousands of dollars advertising on expensive websites, you create a blog post where you test the top five chocolate chip cookie recipes, and you include the link to purchase the scoop in your post. Then, you take that post and boost it on Facebook for $100, tracking how many people read the post then purchase the scoop. You’ve just used content marketing to create a trackable, ROI-demonstrating sales funnel for $100 (and 5 dozen cookies).

Creating content can also drive organic traffic to your website. Think about your business and what people search to find information about you. Do you want to be the No. 1 garden supply shop in Memphis? Write blog posts and create podcasts about gardening and the tools of the trade. Next time someone is looking to purchase a garden spade made from recycled bicycles in Memphis, Google will lead them to you.

When you write and produce content, you’re also creating posts that can build your social media following. Rather than sharing simple promotional posts, you can now offer potential customers helpful hints that make their life easier. That’s endearing and can make a big difference next time someone wants to purchase products in your industry.

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